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Problems with obesity and weight management have become serious issues in the United States, with an alarming percentage of the population struggling with weight-related issues. People who are overweight are often at a higher risk of various serious health conditions and diseases, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and breathing problems. Obesity is also a major cause of a shorter life span and can significantly decrease the quality of life of the person struggling with excessive weight.

One of the best ways to ensure good health is by reaching and maintaining healthy body weight. However, for many people, popular diets and exercise plans don’t work, and they continue to struggle with weight loss. Losing excess weight can be quite challenging for many people, especially when they try to do it on their own.

At Washington Medical Clinic LLC, we offer effective and professional weight loss assistance to our clients in Silver Spring, MD. We provide personalized and customizable weight loss programs to help our clients achieve healthy weight loss without compromising their health and succeed in reaching their ideal weight in a relatively shorter time.

The first step of our weight loss assistance program in Silver Spring is a complete health evaluation. Our weight loss experts and diet and nutrition consultants conduct and a full assessment to determine the underlying conditions that lead to weight gain and make it difficult for a person to lose weight. One of the main causes of weight gain is stress and other emotional issues that are directly responsible for preventing weight loss. Stress can trigger overeating as people turn to food to deal with strong emotions and frustrating problems in their life. Overeating often becomes a coping mechanism for many people, and more often than not, it involves eating unhealthy food that can cause massive weight gain in a very short time.

Our weight loss experts help our patients deal with the issues and provide treatment for any underlying problems first to get them started on the path to achieving their ideal weight. If there is no underlying cause, our healthcare experts create a personalized weight loss program with various dietary guidelines and activities that will speed up the metabolism and fat-burning process. Our weight loss assistance program can include appetite suppressants in the form of a pill, weight-loss shots that comprise essential minerals and vitamins to boost energy levels and metabolism, a comprehensive fitness plan, and behavioral counseling to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

A key component of our weight loss assistance program is changing the perspective of our patients in Silver Spring who fall for the “all or nothing” trap and are unable to continue their weight loss journey when they can’t see quick results. Our weight loss and nutrition experts will help them rethink this perspective and consider it in a more realistic way while encouraging them to stick to the personalized plan created for them.

We also help our clients maintain their weight once they have achieved their weight loss goals and help them overcome any issues they may face in maintaining the ideal healthy weight according to their age!

Call us today for more information about our weight loss assistance program in Silver Spring and achieve a fit and healthy body in no time!

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